In order to shop at CVS and Rite Aid you need to know how their programs work.

CVS using the Extra Care Bucks (ECB) program and Rite Aid uses +UP Rewards program.  Bot programs work the same.

You need to have the store card in order to receive the deals.  You can apply online or in the store to receive your rewards cards for either store.

The rewards at these stores are like a Catalina coupon at a supermarket.  They are coupons that print at the end of your receipt.

Here is a made up example:

Let's say CVS has their hairspray on sale for $2.99 and there are $2.99 in ECBs.   This means that you will put out the $2.99 but at the end of your receipt you will have an ECB for $2.99.  This is a coupon that you can use on any future purchase.  It is like getting the hairspray for free.  The only downfall is that you have to pay the initial $2.99.

The nice thing about ECBs is that you can "roll" them.  This means that the next time you show you can use the ECB you got from the hairspray to buy something else.  So lets say that the next week you are buying a bar of soap for $2.99 with $2.99 in ECBs.  Now you don't have to put out the initial $2.99 you can pay for the bar of soap with last weeks ECB and then you will get a new ECB at the end of your receipt for buyig the soap.

After you get started you can end up going to CVS and pay completely in ECBs.

The really great deal is when you have a "moneymaker".  Let's stick with the hairspray example.  The hairspray is on sale for $2.99 and you are getting a $2.99 ECB AND you have a manufacturer's coupon for $1.00 off.  You are tecnically making $1.00 by buying that bottle of hairspray!

Rite Aid has bascially the same program rxcept they call their ECBS a different name.  They call them UpRewards but the concept is exactly the same.