Why this blog?

I am asked all of the time "Why did you start this blog?"

I had spent the last 12 years as a teacher.   This is the first school year since 1998 that I have not been teaching.  I was laid off in June 2010.  At first I was devastated.  I was 7 months pregnant and almost had a nervous breakdown.  I went into early labor from the stress of losing my job.

The Lord had other plans for me.  If I had never been laid off then I would not have had the opportunity to be home with my children.  I am able to stay home with Sydney in the morning and get her on the bus for PM Kindergarten.  I am able to spend my whole day with my son Lucas.  If the choice was up to me I would have done what I thought was right and headed right back to work just weeks after giving birth.   I continue to look for teaching jobs but nothing has worked out.  I have been on several interviews with my former school district but nothing has worked out so far.

Is the money tight without my salary?  YES.  So how can we do it?  I do get unemployment and thankfully Aaron has a full time job.  So how can you live when things are tight.  There are two obvious solutions:

1. Make more money
2. Spend less money

Since making more money is easier said than done, I decided to work on spending less money.  I always had a talent for using coupons but I decided to take it to the next level.   It has been working and I am able to save hundreds a month.

I decided to start the blog to share my tricks with others.  I realize that we are not the only ones that are a few paychecks from disaster.  This reality has given me a new passion for helping those who are struggling.  I have been inspired to appreciate the many blessings we do have and to share those blessings with those who need it.  

I donate a portion of my "deals" to the Food Bin Ministry at Sayrewoods Bible Church.  The church helps to provide nourisment for about 25 families in need.  If you are interested in helping, you can contact the church or email me at adelmanto@aol.com.


“Do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear.
Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens:
They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them.
And how much more valuable you are than birds! ” – Luke 12:22-24